Building Beloved Community at Work is the Key to Thriving

Inspired by Martin Luthur King Jr...“Our goal is to create a beloved community, it will require a qualitative change in our souls and a quantitative change in our lives.” At GRTL, we are committed to carrying this vision of the brilliance of our grand diversity forward.

At Global Round Table Leadership, we believe that leadership isn't only a position, its a way of being first and foremost. In this FREE webinar series, experience our Shared Leadership Framework to help you learn:
How to create systems that support not only individual employees, but also the vibrancy & high functioning of the whole.
How to turn inward to focus on own your personal development to enhance the development of your work community.
How to translate & embody Dr. King's profound words into actionable items & day to day upgrades for you and your team.
Over the course of five monthly 75-minute sessions of practicing together, come contribute your unique gifts and talents while learning capacities and skills to use in the workplace for high performance. Join with us to cultivate your own Beloved Community.
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Final session: Tuesday, December 19th @ 11:30am EST
GRTL’s Shared Leadership Definition: Shared Leadership is the practice of bringing out the greatest capacity in everyone by empowering us all to be responsible for and engaged in the vibrancy and high function of the whole. This is a fundamental shift in how we understand and apply power and leadership.
What people are saying about GRTL:
"This work is about whole person leadership–exploring the most effective ways for leaders to address opportunities and challenges, always aligning head, heart and spirit to create a more just, sustainable and humane world.”

-Deb Nelson, Executive Director, Social Venture Network

“This is the work of the soul, the internal work that allows for shifting mindset and heartset. This work is vital to business and how we move toward a just, harmonious and sustainable planet.” -Rha Goddess, Founder, Move the Crowd

“Lori’s clarity of vision, her peaceful presence, and her skillful facilitation skills helped our team to find our way to a mission, vision, and action plan that we love and to which we are all committed. She is generous with her time and extensive expertise, and creates a space where creativity and higher purpose can flourish. We are so grateful!” -Yael Shy, NYU Center for Spiritual Life

“We tuned in to where faculty, students and staff were at and what our community needed to move towards growth and wholeness. We created an environment that was optimal for learning.” -Mary Karis, Program Coordinator, MBA in Managing for Sustainability, Marlboro Graduate School